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About Us


Our company has been established in the beginning of 2010. Our goal is to satisfy our customers on the highest level, based on our many years of enterprise experience on the field of information technology.

Mainly we are dealing with projects and complex tenders. Coordination, consultancy, project generation, mentoring is our main advantages but we are having very good relationship with many partners on a very wide scale. (Retails, IT professionals, consultants etc...)

We truly believe there is no fail project. Our common approach is to give our customers the best what they can have for their money, continuously improving ourselves to achieve better and better customer satisfaction.

Our customer base are mainly medium size partners, as based on our strategy we are trying to give them enterprise level best practices and solutions for their problems on an affordable price. Why you should work with us?

Our company is young but very dynamic. Our team is moving forward fast, as we love challenges. We are working in Europe, as there are no borders for us. We always selecting the best resources for the projects we are working on, for better results at the end. High level of satisfaction is guaranteed.

We aspire to establish tight relationship and long term cooperation with our partners. We solve our partners’ problems with high quality projects and support activities through a predefined communication channel, thanks to our enterprise experience and knowledge. In the course of troubleshooting we solve the problems in cooperation with our partners and we provide the technological solution and the know-how as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact with us, we are here to help you! Your Sincerely,

András CSERI

General manager

Partner in excellence on the field of Information Technology - EnITLab Kft.

Phone number +36(20)-662-8998 Email address info(at)